What does IUI (Artificial Insemination) and Ovulation Induction Cost?

 Prices quoted are the discounted prices for cash pay patients. Costs of services for insurance billing are subject to the contract pricing for the insurance company and will vary depending on your benefit package and the copay and deductible.

IUI Cost (Artificial Insemination)

IUI package includes: cycle monitoring; including monitoring an ovulation induction medicated cycle, preparation of the sperm for the IUI and the IUI procedure.


IUI package with sperm that does not need processing (for example, from an outside sperm bank)


Keep in mind that this is the price per cycle, and multiple IUI cycles may be needed before achieving a pregnancy.

The cost for donor sperm for IUI will vary and depend on the donor bank prices, whether or not the sample has been prepared for insemination and the shipping fees. If the sample is has not been prepared for insemination, the cost for IUI will be $1000.

Ovulation Induction Cost

The following costs are associated with Ovulation Induction (in the absence of IUI)

  • Medication Cost will vary depending on the type of medication used and coverage for medication under your insurance plan.
  • Cycle monitoring:  $600
  • Hormone Monitoring may include serum estradiol levels ($70) and progesterone levels ($70).


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