Arizona Communities We Serve

Fertility Clinic Tucson

Reproductive Health Center is located in Tucson, AZ and we’re strongly connected to our community. We serve this city proudly, and have been the top fertility clinic in Tucson for many years. However, our reach extends much farther than that. Patients visit our fertility clinic from Phoenix, Mesa, and all around the Southwest, knowing that they can turn to Reproductive Health Center to help them start their families because what we do here is unique. Where do our patients come from? Here’s just a small sampling.

Fertility Clinic Phoenix

Phoenix is a big city, and of course it has some fertility clinics. But none of them have our unique holistic approach to fertility treatment, our exceptional IVF success rates, and our compassionate professionals who consistently win awards. That’s why so many patients make the drive from Phoenix to Tucson to see us. (It’s less than two hours, after all.)

Fertility Clinic Mesa

Mesa is also not far from Tucson, and many of our patients come from Mesa to see us. They appreciate our transparency about prices; our refreshing honesty about cost helps them to know they can trust us in all areas of treatment. We’re not just about “upselling” people into the most expensive treatments; we offer holistic fertility care, including areas such as nutrition that aren’t very profitable for a clinic but offer huge value to patients. We care about you more than our bottom line. That makes us worth a trip.

Fertility Clinic Arizona

And it’s not just Phoenix and Mesa. Patients from all over Arizona, from Scottsdale to Flagstaff to Yuma, make their way to Tucson to see Dr. Hutchison and the rest of our staff. They know their future family is worth the trip. With our holistic approach to fertility care, coming to see us is an investment in the future health of every member of the family. When the Optum Center for Excellence for the Southwest is located in your own state, of course you make the effort to get there!

Fertility Clinic Las Cruces and Fertility Clinic New Mexico

Mountains and oceans could never come between a parent and their child, so why should state lines be a barrier? The drive from the western half of New Mexico to Tucson is no longer than from many parts of Arizona (a few hours at most). When people looking for a fertility clinic in New Mexico find out about this unique center, they feel lucky to be so close to us. With our emphasis on your long-term health, rather than just throwing technology at our patients, it’s worth it for prospective parents to make that drive.

Fertility Clinic El Paso and Fertility Clinic West Texas

El Paso is so close to the border with New Mexico, it’s practically in our neighborhood. Just a few hours’ drive could bring you from El Paso or other parts of western Texas to one of the best fertility clinics in the country. Making that drive gives you the chance to be treated as a whole human being at one of the most holistic fertility clinic programs in the country. It’s a tiny sacrifice to make, allowing you the chance to become not just a parent, but a healthy and thriving parent.