Another failed cycle? We know how that feels.

You see, many of us at the Reproductive Health Center have been right where you’re at today. In fact, Dr. Hutchison and his wife went through infertility and it’s why he’s so passionate about helping people build their own families.

Maybe you’re here because you’re looking for a second opinion. Maybe your REI is leaving and you’ve been left wondering what’s next.

Regardless of the reason you’ve landed here, we’re really glad you have. We know you’re anxious to learn what you can do to move forward, so we’ve laid out some information we think will answer your questions and ease your concerns.

Does RHC offer second opinion consultations?

We do! In fact, we encourage you to seek a second opinion. We are firm believers that in medicine, a second opinion is smart. Fertility treatments are intimate, so it’s important you are comfortable with your doctor and clinic.

How can I make an appointment with RHC?

Calling us at (520) 733-0083 will be the quickest way to set up an appointment. We are scheduling around two to three weeks out right now, but have a waitlist and will do our best to get you in as quickly as possible!

How much does a consultation cost?

It’s important to check with your insurance provider as this cost may be covered, however; if your insurance does not cover this appointment we discount our cash patients to $325.

How long does a consultation last?

First consultations generally last an hour. Second opinion consultations can last anywhere from one to two hours. Dr. Hutchison will go over past treatments, answer any and all questions, and come up with a plan for moving forward.

Will there be tests during the consultation?

Dr. Hutchison will likely perform a pelvic ultrasound on the day of the consultation to take cervical cultures and look at the pelvic cavity. He will go through your previous files and see if there are any gaps that need to be filled with testing or bloodwork. Most likely, the bloodwork will be ordered and taken at a different time.

What insurance providers does RHC accept?

We are contracted with UnitedHealthcare, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, Cigna, United Medical Resources (UMR), Progeny and several other health plans. If you have a smaller plan, please call our office and inquire if we are contracted.

How much do fertility treatments cost at RHC?

Each treatment varies in cost. We work hard to make fertility treatments affordable and give our patients the best value coupled with excellent success rates. We’re very transparent with our pricing and don’t believe in hidden costs. Please feel free to ask us costs when scheduling your appointment.

How much does IVF cost at RHC?

IVF with ICSI and an embryo biopsy for PGT-A is $9,000.

Do you need my medical records ahead of time? If so, how do I send those?

Ideally, we’d love to have your records seven days ahead of your appointment, but we understand that’s not always possible and will take them as soon as you are able. You will have to sign a medical release form for your current provider in order to release your records to either yourself or us.

You can send your records to:


Fax: 520-733-0771

Mail: 4518 E. Camp Lowell Drive Tucson, 85712

Do I need to fill out new patient forms?

Yes! We email you the link after your appointment has been scheduled, but all of our forms can be found here:

I’m worried about getting a second opinion, but not using RHC. Would that be a problem?

Not at all. We fully believe that getting a second opinion in medicine is the smartest thing you can do. It’s important you find someone you are comfortable with, as fertility treatments are an intimate process. You aren’t locked in here and we aren’t offended if someone chats with us once, and chooses to move forward with someone else. In short, it’s not about us, it’s about you.

I already have sperm, eggs or embryos at my prior clinic. How do I transfer them to RHC?

There are three ways. If you are shipping locally, we are happy to arrange the shipment for you from start to finish. First, note that at least a two-day lead time is needed for the arrangement. Eggs, sperm, and embryos should be properly shipped through the right courier to ensure they remain in the best possible state.

If we arrange a local shipment for you, you can expect the following price breakdown:

  • $100 charge to prep the shipper
  • $300 deposit on the shipper (refundable after shipper is returned)
  • $100 for the use of the shipper
  • $100 administrative fee

If you are transferring eggs, sperm, and embryos locally, you also have the option to arrange shipment yourself, but you must use a proper shipper.

If you are shipping from out of state, a qualified shipping company must be used.

However you choose to transfer your eggs, sperm, and embryos, we are happy to help walk you through the process.

How do I know my sperm, eggs, and embryos will be safe during transportation?

They are shipped in in dry shippers, meaning there is no liquid nitrogen used. The tanks are filled, refilled, and then emptied to ensure the sperm, eggs, and embryos stay at the proper temperature and are kept safe.

Once my sperm, eggs, and embryos are at RHC, how can I be sure they are stored safely?

We take a lot of care to ensure sperm, eggs, and embryos are properly stored. They are stored in small, contained locked tanks filled with liquid nitrogen. We check the tanks each week to ensure they are completely full.

The tanks have an alarm system that is checked at least weekly. If for some reason a tank were to lose some liquid nitrogen, the alarm would sound and an embryologist, the IVF coordinator or Dr. Hutchison would be immediately notified. Additionally, we have two large liquid nitrogen tanks that are always full, and we get new shipments of liquid nitrogen in weekly.

In an emergency evacuation situation, the tanks would come with us. They are portable and can be easily picked up to be put on a truck.

We hope you’ll consider scheduling an appointment to meet us. Call or email us to get started at RHC today.

Meet the Staff

A lot of us at RHC have gone through infertility, so we know how emotionally and physically difficult it can be sometimes. Check out our staff bios to learn a little more about us.


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Hutchison’s Huddle

Each week, Dr. Hutchison hops on Facebook live to talk about various fertility topics. Here are a couple below:


“My first interaction with Dr. Hutchison was wonderful. He listened to our whole story and was supportive, informative, and kind. I recommend RHC to everyone in Tucson who is experiencing infertility issues. It’s a safe space during a very difficult time. It was so easy – RHC took care of everything. They let me know as soon as the embryos arrived, so the stress factor was extremely low. All I did was give them the name of my RE in New York and they took care of the rest.”

- Leah Fabiano-Smith