Massage for Fertility

As part of our holistic approach to infertility and the creation of families, we offer massage. At our fertility clinic near Santa Fe, we’re partnered with a massage therapist, who has experience in working with prospective mothers using massage for fertility.

Does Massage Work?

Scientific studies of massage for infertility patients have shown that it decreases the sense of stress and anxiety in those undergoing fertility treatments. Because this can be a stressful journey for some, massage is a wonderful way to release some of that stress and allow the body to relax and open.

There haven’t been specific studies showing that women who get massages during their infertility treatment have higher rates of conception than those who don’t. However, because massage is effective at decreasing stress and stress is known to make conception more difficult, it certainly makes sense that massage would be of benefit to those undergoing treatment for infertility.

And it’s not just for the prospective mother. Fertility treatment can be stressful for both partners. Male partners can also benefit from having regular massages. By decreasing stress and helping you relax, massage can have benefits on your overall health. When you feel calm and relaxed, you’re more likely to make good health decisions, such as eating well and getting enough sleep, which can benefit your fertility as well as your overall health. We recommend massage for both partners.

Massage for Fertility

If you’d like to use massage as part of your infertility treatment, then you’ll want to look for a massage therapist with experience in this area. Unfortunately, many fertility clinics don’t offer massage, preferring to have an exclusive focus on technology. We’re different from most other fertility clinics; we prefer to look at the big picture of the health of both partners, and the health of the family that will be created by fertility treatment.

That’s why our fertility clinic near Santa Fe offers nutrition, mind-body medicine, acupuncture, and massage as part of our services. We believe that supporting our patients as fully as possible best serves their overall goal of having a healthy family. We’re partnered with a massage therapist with experience in working with infertility patients, so you’ll know you’re in great hands – literally.