Fertility Treatment for LGBT Couples Arizona

After marriage equality became a reality, many LGBT couples were thrilled to be able to legally marry, and they did so in large numbers. Many of these couples would also like to become parents. Of course, a natural pregnancy is only possible between a cisgendered man and a cisgendered woman. However, technology can offer many options for LGBT couples to achieve their dream of becoming parents. Here are some of the fertility treatment options available for LGBT couples at our Arizona clinic, serving Tucson, Mesa, Phoenix, and other communities throughout the state.

Sperm Donation/IUI

For lesbian couples, or couples that include a cis woman with a trans partner, one option is to have an intrauterine insemination (IUI) with donor sperm. The couple can work together to choose the sperm donor from one of several reputable sperm banks. (We can provide you with contact information for those.) Once the washed sperm arrives, the partner who intends to carry the pregnancy will undergo IUI, in which the sperm is inserted into her uterus through a long flexible plastic catheter.

Embryo Adoption

Some couples have a female partner who’s willing to carry the pregnancy, but that partner either prefers not to be the child’s genetic mother or is unable to do so (due to age, genetic diseases in the family, or other reasons). These couples could choose embryo adoption. In this process, extra embryos that were generated during the IVF process are offered for adoption by their genetic parents. The frozen embryos are implanted into the uterus, just as with any other IVF cycle.

Surrogate Pregnancy

This is a popular option for gay male couples. Couples with a trans partner, and lesbian couples in which neither partner is interested in carrying a pregnancy, may also choose to use surrogates. In a surrogate pregnancy, a third-party woman is impregnated with an embryo through IVF. Depending on the situation, donor eggs or donor sperm can be used. One of the partners can become the genetic parent of the child, through the use of that partner’s sperm or eggs. A surrogate can also be used along with an adopted embryo, or with an embryo created from both donated sperm and donated eggs.

A Welcoming Place for LGBT Fertility Treatment in Arizona

At Reproductive Health Center, we’re dedicated to creating healthy families of all kinds. This is a welcoming environment for all couples, including LGBT couples, who want to become parents. Rather than just throwing technology at you, we’ll focus on the overall health of both partners, so that you can create the healthiest possible family. You’ll have access to our resources on important topics such as nutrition and mind-body medicine (stress reduction), along with acupuncture and massage. All prospective parents need this support to help them get ready to become healthy and thriving parents.

If you’re LGBT, and you’re looking for a fertility clinic in Arizona or surrounding states, we would love to welcome you to Reproductive Health Center of Tucson.