The Egg Donor Program at Reproductive Health Center

At Reproductive Health Center, we have helped thousands of patients across the greater Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona areas achieve their dreams of parenthood. And for some, that means using what is called “third-party reproduction.” In some cases, this means using an egg donor.

For women with a diagnosis of diminished ovarian reserve, premature ovarian failure, poor oocyte quality, advanced maternal age, or genetic abnormalities donor egg may offer the best chance at a successful pregnancy. Chemotherapy, radiation, and certain surgeries may also have an impact on a woman’s eggs, so it’s important to discuss with your doctor what your best options for conception might be.

Did you know?
Often, our donors at Reproductive Health Center complete the full 6 donation limit* at our office. They frequently comment on the positive experience they have with us and often refer their friends to our program.

Donating your Eggs at Reproductive Health Center

Donating your eggs to help another family grow is a truly selfless act. Because of this, we aim to provide a comfortable and respectful experience for those who chose to donate their eggs with us. To streamline our process and ensure this expectation is met, we’ve partnered with Fairfax Egg Bank, a leading frozen egg bank.

After completing your initial egg donation application with Fairfax, you will hear from Dr. Randi Weinstein, our Egg Donor Coordinator. She will work with you to set up your first appointment to learn more about the egg donation process and complete some additional preliminary screenings. Because we want our intended parents to have the best chance possible at pregnancy using donor eggs, the screening and selection process has multiple layers. A current list of egg donor requirements can be found on the Fairfax Egg Bank website.

Egg donation is an arduous process, but the outcome is highly rewarding. Not only are donors compensated for their time and donation, but you will also leave with a sense of selflessness knowing that you have helped make someone a parent. If you have ever considered donating your eggs, we encourage you to apply. Even if you aren’t sure if you’d qualify, starting the process can help you get a better understanding of what is involved in the procedure.

Here at Reproductive Health Center, we treat our egg donors just as we treat any patient seeking fertility treatment. We want you to have a positive experience and feel empowered to make the right choices for you now and in the future. To further educate each egg donor, we often offer online information sessions to answer any extra questions you may have about the process. After completing your initial application, our Egg Donor Coordinator will contact you with additional information, including access to this information session.*The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, or ASRM, recommends that women only donate up to six times in their lifetime to ensure the health and safety of the egg donors.

The Egg Donation Process

Egg donation, sometimes referred to as “oocyte donation” or “gamete donation”, is a form of in vitro fertilization (IVF) that uses eggs donated from another woman. These eggs are fertilized in our lab with either donor sperm or sperm from the male partner of the intended parent couple. The resulting embryos are then transferred to the female partner of the intended parent couple.

The rates of success with donor eggs are higher because age and poor egg quality are the most common reasons for failed pregnancies. When using a donor, the success rate will reflect the donor’s age. So if the intended parent is 41 years old, using the eggs from a woman who is 22, she will have similar success rates to that of a 22 year old. Although not a guarantee, many patients with their own fertility issues will carry successful pregnancies through the use of donor egg. Approximately 12-15% of all IVF cycles involved donor eggs and success rates are usually over 50%, with some clinics having success upwards of 70%. When it comes to egg donations, we take pride in our extensive selection process to ensure patients are receiving the highest quality donors. Working with Fairfax Egg Bank, our donors have gone through multiple levels of screening including health, mental health, and genetic testing. Patients can choose their donor based on physical characteristics, age, education level, and family history. Because of our partnership with Fairfax Egg Bank, intended parents have access to a wide range of donors, giving you a greater chance of finding a donor that is the perfect fit for your family.

To start the IVF with donor egg process, it is still important to meet with Dr. Hutchison and the Reproductive Health Center team to ensure it is the right path to parenthood for you. Following your consult, both you and your partner will be tested to confirm or discover any fertility diagnosis you might have. This will allow our team to come up with the best individualized treatment plan for you.

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We know the journey to becoming parents or growing your family can be challenging. That’s why, here at Reproductive Health Center, we want you to feel as educated and comfortable in the process to ensure you are making the best decision for your situation–even when that decision means using donor eggs.

To learn more about your options for parenthood, please schedule your initial consult at our Tucson, Arizona office by calling us at (520) 733-0083 or by filling out this form.