What does IVF cost?

Below we have provided sample pricing for a typical IVF cycle. Of course, IVF cost does vary between patients. Many fertility clinics stop at saying that, and don’t provide anything more specific; we’re offering real dollar figures here, although of course your exact costs will depend on your specific situation. Dr. Hutchison and our team will work with you to determine which treatment is the right course of action for your specific needs. Medication costs will vary depending on the types needed and your coverage for these medications under your insurance plan.

IVF with PGS

1st cycle



Medication teachingProtocol and medication review plus injection teaching prior to start$ included in cycle
Cycle MonitoringBlood Draw, Ultrasound, protocol review$ 800.00
RetrievalAnesthesia, ultrasound, oocyte aspiration, identification of oocytes from follicular fluid, oocyte culture$ 4,200.00
Fertilization and cultureIsolation of sperm, intracytoplasmic sperm injections (ICSI) and culture of embryos to day 5/6 of embryonic life (blastocyst stage)$ 3,200.00
Embryo biopsyTrophectoderm biopsy of up to 10 blastocysts$ 1,000.00
CryopreservationCryopreservation of embryos$ 800.00
Total due prior to retrieval
$ 10,000.00
MedicationMedication for cycle is NOT included in this pricing
Cost of medication (cash pay) will vary by protocol$1800 to $3500 per cycle

As Needed

5th visitBlood Draw, Ultrasound, protocol review$ 70.00
6th + visitBlood Draw, Ultrasound, protocol review$ 200.00
>10 embryosTrophectoderm biopsy more than 10 blastocysts/per embryo$ 100.00
StorageCalculated at $35/month from retrieval to following July per specimen type
Sperm PrepPrep of sperm sample from testicular biopsy$ 1,000.00

Post Retrieval

Endometrio Testing (ERA, EMMA and ALICE)Monitoring visit and biopsy procedure will be billed to insurance. (plus $260 if no insurance coverage) RHC is direct billed for the testing.$ 895.00
Embryo TransferMonitoring visit and embryo transfer. OB care is not included.$ 1,500.00
Discount for PGT-A or PGD Embryo Transfer$ (1,000.00)
Discount for PGT-A or PGD Embryo TransferSingle Embryo Transfer only: Embryos that are PGT-A or PGD tested. Transfer includes monitoring visit and embryo transfer. OB care is not included. Transfer $1,500.00 minus $1,000.00 discount = $500$ 500.00
Preimplatation Genetic
Screening (PGS)
This price is based on Progenesis’ fee schedule, $250 per embryo (1-5), $1500 for 6-8 embryos. Additional Samples $200. This price does not include shipping up to $250.paid to Outside Lab
Annual StorageStorage fee applies to each type of sample (sperm, oocytes, embryos). The annual storage fee is charged every July following retrieval, $400.00 per year for the first 5 years. Beginning with 6th year storage fee is $1000/year. If no plans to use the specimens within 5 years they must be moved to long term storage facilities. There is no discount for partial year storage.$ 400.00

Cycle monitoring costs are due at the time of service. Each monitoring visit typically costs $200, which includes the ultrasound and estradiol. Egg retrieval costs are due prior to the egg retrieval. Transfer and embryo freezing are paid on the day of transfer. In the event no embryos remain to freeze, you will not be charged the $600 fee. Storage for embryos for years 1 through 5 is $400 and is billed in July. Storage fees after year 5 will increase to $1000 per year.

This pricing is for cash pay only. Insurance coverage will be billed according to contract and is billed to the contracted insurance company. Coverage will depend on the patient’s benefit. Prior authorization may be required and medication may need to be ordered at the insurance companies contracted pharmacy. Please check your benefit before beginning any procedure.