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How much exercise is good for fertility?


How much exercise is good for fertility? Fertility doctor Phoenix area With the coming of the new year, many people are making resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle. We always recommend to our patients that they make changes to improve their health as they're trying to start their families. Many people include getting more exercise [...]

How much exercise is good for fertility?2021-06-11T16:45:27-07:00

Does marijuana affect fertility?


Does marijuana affect fertility? – infertility clinic Phoenix In recent years, many states have legalized marijuana for medical use, and a handful of states have legalized recreational use as well. In our area, both Arizona and New Mexico now allow medical marijuana usage, and California and Nevada also allow recreational usage. With this new environment [...]

Does marijuana affect fertility?2021-06-11T20:27:31-07:00

When should you stop taking birth control?


When should you stop taking your birth control so that you can get pregnant? – Arizona fertility clinic It's one of those ironies of life – most women spend their early years trying desperately not to get pregnant, and then, once they feel ready to start their families, they want nothing more than to get pregnant [...]

When should you stop taking birth control?2021-06-11T21:36:50-07:00

How much should you exercise during pregnancy?


How much should you exercise during pregnancy? – IVF Glendale AZ Most pregnant women want to stay healthy during their pregnancies. Many had a workout routine before they became pregnant, and they'd like to continue it. For others, pregnancy spurs them to create a new workout routine. At the same time, women may be worried [...]

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Does caffeine affect fertility?


Does caffeine affect fertility? – fertility clinic Santa Fe area Many people really love their morning coffee or tea, but some worry that it might have negative effects on health. Much research suggests that coffee has positive effects on your overall health (such as a lower risk of diabetes). However, women may still be concerned [...]

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The Zika Virus and Fertility Treatment


The Zika Virus and Fertility Treatment – Southern Arizona fertility clinic If you've been following the news, you've probably seen the explosion of information about the Zika virus. You may have many questions. Is this a new virus? Where did it come from? How does it affect pregnant women? We've been hearing many patients ask [...]

The Zika Virus and Fertility Treatment2021-06-11T21:38:52-07:00

The Holistic Approach to Fertility in Tucson


Medicine isn’t a straightforward concept. There are typically multiple approaches to treatment for any number of conditions and fertility is no different. At the Reproductive Health Center, we are happy to offer many options for our families in need of fertility assistance in Tucson. One of our many options includes a holistic approach to addressing [...]

The Holistic Approach to Fertility in Tucson2021-06-11T21:40:44-07:00

Tracking Your Fertility


When you’re trying to get pregnant, timing is crucial. A woman’s body only ovulates (produces a ripe egg ready to be fertilized) once each month. Knowing when ovulation occurs can allow you to plan sexual intercourse to ensure that sperm will be available to fertilize the egg. But how can a woman know when she’s [...]

Tracking Your Fertility2021-06-11T21:45:33-07:00
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