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What happens to your extra embryos?


After you have IVF, what happens to your extra embryos? – IVF Scottsdale During the process of IVF, most couples are focused on doing whatever they can to get healthy and maximize the chances of a pregnancy. They may be thinking about holding their future child, but they're usually not too concerned about any extra embryos [...]

What happens to your extra embryos?2021-06-11T21:39:11-07:00

Eggs, embryos and blastocysts


We spend a lot of time in our office talking to patients about quality of eggs, embryos and blastocysts. Patients want to know if their eggs are the "right size" or "big enough"; if their fertilized eggs "look good" and if the blastocysts are "good quality". This post is to provide some insight into the [...]

Eggs, embryos and blastocysts2021-06-11T21:46:47-07:00
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