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Hutchison’s Huddle: Embryo Grading


When an embryo is created in the lab at RHC, they are assigned a grade. If you've gone through IVF, you've probably heard these grades, typically a number with 2 letters following. But just what do these grades mean? On this Hutchison's Huddle, Dr. Scot Hutchison explained the different grades, what they mean, and even [...]

Hutchison’s Huddle: Embryo Grading2021-05-04T17:26:43-07:00

New: We take Tricare Insurance Plans


Great news for Veteran's Day! Dr. Hutchison and the Reproductive Health Center are now accepting Tricare insurance plans. Please call our office for more information. Make sure you check your benefits so you know what services will be covered for infertility and family planning services. We welcome our patients with Tricare Insurance!  

New: We take Tricare Insurance Plans2021-06-11T21:43:32-07:00

Office Closed until Jan 3


The Staff at the Reproductive Health Center wishes everyone a healthy and happy Christmas and New Year. Our office will be closed from December 18, 2010 until January 2, 2011. We will return for normal office hours refreshed and ready to go on January 3, 2011.

Office Closed until Jan 32021-06-11T21:47:18-07:00
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