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Hutchison’s Huddle: Managing Stress


It is a stressful time for everyone. You're worried about getting stick. You're concerned about family members. You're bombarded with media stories daily. Working from home, homeschooling your kids, the list goes on. It's ok to feel overwhelmed and stressed about it all. But being able to manage that stress is important, especially if you [...]

Hutchison’s Huddle: Managing Stress2020-05-19T16:08:17-07:00

New study reveals the importance of stress for fertility


New study reveals the importance of stress for fertility – fertility clinic El Paso area We're always watching the scientific journals for new research about how to help couples achieve pregnancy. A new study done by scientists at the University of Nottingham reveals important information that could help to guide fertility treatment at clinics around the world. [...]

New study reveals the importance of stress for fertility2021-06-11T20:23:05-07:00

Let’s Talk Turkey


Halloween is upon us and that means the rush to the Holiday Season is here. As soon as the costumes and candy corns clear the shelves this weekend, Christmas and Hanukkah will be in full force in the stores. If you have been a regular around the Reproductive Health Center, you know that being mindful [...]

Let’s Talk Turkey2021-06-11T21:41:34-07:00
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