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Discover Your Fertility Options for LGBTQ Couples in Tucson

At the Reproductive Health Center, we believe that all people have the right to caring relationships and parenthood.

Pregnancy requires a sperm and an egg.  For LGBT couples who desire to have children of their own, ongoing technological advances now make it possible for them to choose from several fertility options in Tucson.

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Reproductive Health Center is a caring, safe and welcoming environment where you can discuss your options for family building with  Dr. Scot Hutchison. He and his sister, Holly, co-founded and have operated the Reproductive Health Center since 1995. They take a holistic approach to family planning that uses wellness and a prescribed dietary program to ensure the health and well-being of their patients. It is all part of their goal to help all couples realize their dream of becoming parents and to foster healthy families.

What is the first step for LGBT couples wanting to become parents?

First, make an appointment for an initial consultation with Dr. Hutchinson. Provide him with your medical history and family history.   Dr. Hutchison will review both partners’ histories and discuss your desires for having a baby.  Some diagnostic testing may be necessary for one or both of you. Once all test results are in, Dr. Hutchison will review your options for family building.

What are some of the options?

An intrauterine insemination (IUI) with donor sperm is an option for a lesbian couple, or for a couple that consists of a cis woman and a trans partner. Using this method, the couple chooses a sperm donor from several sperm banks that have been vetted and recommended by Dr. Hutchinson. Once the selection process is completed, the partner chosen to carry the pregnancy will undergo the IUI procedure.  Timed with ovulation, the sperm is inserted into the uterus by means of a flexible catheter.

Many lesbian couples will opt for IVF egg retrieval from one spouse, fertilization of the egg from donor sperm and then transferring the embryo into the uterus of the other spouse. This way, even though the partner that carries the pregnancy is not the genetic parent, she is the parent of record on the birth certificate of the baby. This allows both parents to be biologically linked to the baby.

Gay male couples and couples with a trans partner may wish to choose a gestational  surrogate pregnancy. This is when a third-party female agrees to carry the pregnancy for the couple. In these cases, donor eggs are fertilized with one of the male partner’s sperm and the resulting embryos are transferred to the gestational carrier. This option requires contracting with the gestational surrogate and having “adoption” papers ready at the time of birth, or a pre-birth adoption order. Our team will help you with referrals to professionals that can assist with all of the legal documents necessary.

Dr. Scot HutchisonReproductive Health Center was created to help couples from all diversities achieve their dreams of becoming parents. If you are interested in learning more about the fertility options available to LGBT couples, contact us online or call for an appointment at (520) 352-7165.

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