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What To Eat To Conceive, An event to get healthy and get pregnant!

We answered the question “What to eat when trying to conceive” at “Fertility Foods”, a monthly discussion on the best foods, exercise and supplements for women and men trying to conceive and wanting to raise a healthy family. In case you missed the first event, be sure to sign for the next one:

Wednesday June 27, 5:30 to 6:30 pm at The Reproductive Health Center

with Hana Feeney, Nutrition Expert: Just call 733-0083 to sign up.

Here’s what you missed at the Fertility Foods Event:

  • A delicious taste of Black Bean-Corn Skillet Meal—here’s the link to the recipe:
  • A sample of organic edamame, which is a great mid-afternoon, high protein snack that isn’t going to destroy your hormone balance.
  • A review of nutrition and food basics:
    • Create a friendly internal environment to support the foods that you eat.
    • Plant protein versus animal protein? Plant protein always wins!
    • Don’t avoid fat. “Good” fats are essential for reproductive health.
    • Over exercising will create inflammation and oxidative stress in your body, neither of which will promote reproductive health. So get moving, but don’t overstress your system when you exercise.
    • Choose slow-carbs, not no carbs. Choose high-quality sources of carbohydrate in your diet and then monitor how much you eat. Be mindful about how much carbohydrate you eat but don’t restrict carbohydrate so much that you impair ovulation.

    To Your Health! Hana Feeney, MS, RD, CSSD


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