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Pro-Family and Pro-Research? It’s possible!

Regarding bills in the Arizona Legislature: Senate Bills 1306 and 1307, House Bills 2651 and 2652

At the Reproductive Health Center we are definitely Pro-Family, our mission is to build families and do it responsibly and within the ethical and moral standards of our practice and our patients. We all know that what works for one individual, does necessarily work for another. Some families want many children, some want one child. Some families are built with adoption. Some people need genetic material in the form of an egg or sperm donated to them so that they can have families. Some couples use donated embryos for family building. Some sisters and mothers carry babies for their family members who do not have a functioning uterus or have diseases that make it impossible for them to carry a child. Eggs and sperm and embryos can be frozen and stored for future use. Embryos can be tested for genetic diseases before conception. The desire to have a family is strong and we are fortunate in helping our patients build families in these varied ways.

30 years ago, pregnancy and family building was denied to many because techniques that are now common to us were not available. How did these techniques become common? Through research. Are there going to be new treatments for disease that we cannot even imagine now? Yes! How will they be discovered? Through research! Our current legislative climate seems to be one of fear, fear that monsters will be created in the laboratory, fear that lives will be intentionally terminated, fear that people other than a “husband and a wife” will have children to love. Legislating values and research potential can be hazardous to our futures; physically, emotionally and economically. Call your representatives today and let them know you are pro-family and that  you are capable of knowing what is right for you and your family. We do not need this legislation.

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