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Hutchison’s Huddle: Optimizing Natural Fertility During Quarantine


This time is a great opportunity for patients to reevaluate their lifestyle and take extra measures to optimize their natural fertility. So, what can you do? In a Facebook Live event, Dr. Scot Hutchison answered patient questions and shared easy things patients and their partners can do to increase their fertility. Watch the full video [...]

Hutchison’s Huddle: Optimizing Natural Fertility During Quarantine2020-04-21T16:03:44-07:00

Hutchison’s Huddle: Holistic Fertility


The fertility journey can be expensive and with Arizona being one of the poorest states in the country, building your family through assisted reproductive technology might not be feasible. Thankfully, there have been studies done and we’ve seen some success in increasing your chances of getting pregnant using holistic treatments. From Acupuncture to Yoga, there [...]

Hutchison’s Huddle: Holistic Fertility2020-04-21T13:36:35-07:00

Age and Fertility


Society often tells women in their 20s that they’re “too young” to have children. Women are often encouraged to wait until they’ve established themselves in their careers to start their families, which often means that they’re into their mid to late 30s before they even start to consider having children. However, this advice doesn’t really [...]

Age and Fertility2021-06-11T21:45:54-07:00
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